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Are you looking for an excellent idea for a small kitchen? Kitchen design is an important part of home decoration, if you want a clean and pleasant feeling of a gift in your kitchen. Designing a kitchen is enough attention, especially if you are a tight kitchen. However, if we are able to regulate and design it carefully, the small kitchen can still look attractive, comfortable and clean. This makes it easier for us to choose the furniture that suits the size of this small kitchen. For those of you who want to make a small kitchen design and still want it to look clean and comfortable, you should pay attention to the following points.

1) Selection of the kitchen set: Kitchen set is a must-carry furniture in the kitchen, of course, its choice must consider several things, such as price, color, theme and, of course, the size. At this size, it’s the most important point, because no matter how good kitchen equipment that it will be, if it does not fit in the kitchen, it will be useless, right? The first thing to keep in mind is the size of a kitchen that fits in your kitchen.

2) The theme of vertical lines: To give the impression of space, you can work around this by applying vertical lines to the walls of your kitchen. In addition to the general impression, your kitchen will appear higher. This vertical line pattern can be started from the wall to the ceiling kitchen.

3) Use of the cabinet: The cabinet is the perfect solution for storing some of your kitchen furniture, but also practical. The cabinet can be installed on the kitchen wall, so no extra space is needed in the kitchen.

4) Installation of tiles: Getting around in a room would indeed cover all aspects. One is during the process of installing the tiles. To make a more spacious kitchen appear, tile installation should be done in a diagonal direction.

5) factors lighting: In every room, which is very important, it is about the light source. We recommend installing large windows to ensure air circulation and sunlight to keep your kitchen cool, beautiful and comfortable.

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