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21 most beautiful industrial kitchen designs

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Have you reserved a large room in your house for your family’s favorite room? I’m referring to the kitchen that you want to finish with the most beautiful industrial kitchen designs. In the beginning, you may have a misunderstanding in presenting industrial designs for your cooking area. What comes to your mind is that your space looks like a kitchen of a commercial restaurant. This is not necessarily the idea behind the industrial kitchen designs.

Industrial kitchen designs are still popular. Know how to choose materials and appliances for these kitchens. Know which combinations are appealing.

Materials used in industrial kitchen designs

The main features included in designing an industrial kitchen are the building materials. These kitchens will have wooden beams that work with amazing and unusual woods or wooden beams. Some designers attach importance to the use of rails that are mounted on the walls, as well as to brick walls that make the kitchen seem a bit antiquated. Some designers incorporate rough and old materials that you never considered aesthetically pleasing. But you can still stick to the contemporary industrial kitchen if your home is created primarily with contemporary architecture. Take the design of the white industrial kitchen or the modern open industrial kitchen, which uses brick and tiles instead of wood and steel.

Hut in a mountain ( about )

Inspire industry kitchen design

Fantastic masculine kitchen ( about )

Dining room photos

White industrial kitchen ( about )

White industrial kitchen

Modern open plan kitchen ( about )

Contemporary open plan kitchen

Cool industrial kitchen ( about )

Cool industrial kitchen

Industrial kitchen with vaulted ceiling ( about )

Industrial kitchen with vaulted ceiling

Demanding industrial building ( about )

refined industrial house

Kitchen space with wood ( about )

Kitchen room with wood

Traditional Country & Sleek Urban Industrial ( about )

traditional country and elegant urban industrial kitchen design

French cuisine inspiration ( about )

Scandinavian industrial kitchen with gorgeous lights and clock

Industrial Kitchen Teal Wall ( about )

Teal kitchen industrial style

Devices that you will find in a kitchen with industrial environment

Your choice of equipment also depends on the selected industrial kitchen designs. If you go for the metal materials, your gadgets can be retro-looking. If you prefer this commercial look in your kitchen, the industrial kitchen design with metals for appliances will appeal to you. A good looking kitchen can also use the usual white appliances or if you want to put heat, you can add some color. The small appliances such as toasters, juicers, blenders and others can be the motif of your kitchen. As more devices appear in black today, the old “black is beautiful” statement applies, such as the ingenious masculine, the small pop-home design and the sophisticated industrial kitchen. Black and white go together, so your walls are white.

Who says industrial kitchen designs are no longer popular? They are still, provided you have enough space to create this wonderful kitchen interior.

Rustic kitchen with glass pendant lights ( about )

A little pop house in Brazil ( about )

Industrial kitchen designs ideas

Warehouse Industry ( about )

Camp industrial kitchen design

Industrial feeling of space ( about )

Industrial feel of the Kitchen Room

Building converted into industrial building ( about )

Industrial design at home

The Glass Farmhouse Loft ( about ) & Bertoia chair ( about )

Industrial kitchen designs and Bertoia chair

Former garage in Amsterdam (Via)

Industrial kitchen in robust Amsterdam garage

Luxurious loft apartment kitchen ( about )

Luxury loft apartment industry Kitchen

Contemporary black kitchen ( about )

Contemporary black kitchen with concrete objects and stainless steel fittings

Yellow house ( about )

Brisbane industrial kitchen of yellow house

Wishbone chairs by world famous Danish designer Hans J. Wegner
Stunning variety of architecture and design by Elding Oscarson


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